Bio - Adria Di Maria

Allow me to introduce myself, Adria Di Maria, and the exciting world of Para-equestrian dressage, a sport which has been developing over the past 25 years. Athletes are classified according to their level of disability and compete on a national and international level. I contracted Polio in 1955, and as a result have significant weakness in both of my legs.

My goal is simple: I plan on being the best challenged rider I can be. This means being not only a member of our proud US Para-equestrian Team, but also a respected and contributing member of the community. As a Para-equestrian competitor, I hope to become an ambassador for the disabled athlete and to the world community in the specialty of Para Dressage at the Paralympics in 2012/ England.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Started working on the FEI Para equestrian Dressage Test Grade III #33. It is conducted in a 20x40 arena which makes it a bit tricky. I hope to learn it by the Nov8 clinic at REINS with Dressage Judge David Schmutz and Olympic Medalist Lynn Seidemann. Harvakatz is the horse I'll be riding since the small turns would be too hard on Pan Pan's legs. I think we made some progress although I didn't do the canter portion of the tests today. I felt I should have my trainer around for that. Then, the following week , Nov 15 I'll particiapte in a paralympic clinic in San Juan Capistrano (about 1 hour away). We'll be taking Havakatz which should be interesing because we have been warned that he gets very excited at shows. This is a clinic, not a if he is "hot" I just will not ride. It will be a good test run......

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Had a great lesson on the black TB , Habakatz. Sarah, my trainer, and I are making progress in preparing for the FEI test. The sequence of moves is pretty complex but definitely doable. Habakazt is a good boy and cooperative even when I am lunging. I will post a photo of this handsome horse.
Talking about handsome boys, well Pan Pan has been enjoying his special stall next to the mare's pasture a bit too much. It now seems the mare's are trying to break down the fence to be with the "stud muffin"!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pan Pan is now the offical "stud" at Reins! As I have reported before, he really puts up a fuss when his lady love is out of the next door stall. Sooooo, now Pan gets put in a stall boardering the mares pasture during those times. He calls and all five mares rush to his side. . ... three of which actively seek his attention. It is such a hoot! We may start calling him "Hugh Hueffner".

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paralmpics meets Hollywood. Had a very interesting day being interviewed by Kita who is doing a film documentary on "Horses and Women". She is hoping to present it at the Sundance Film Festival. It will take about a year to complete. My hope is that this might ignite interest from a potential sponsor and /or a competition horse donor. It was great fun and Habakatz was such a good boy standing patiently next to me while I was interview for almost 30 minutes! A touching moment came when I was asked what sound I likes best about a horse. I find their soft blowing both inviting and soothing. I bend over and demonstrated by blowing gently in Havakatz's nostril.. He immediately responded to me in kind and a magic moment was all caught on camera!