Bio - Adria Di Maria

Allow me to introduce myself, Adria Di Maria, and the exciting world of Para-equestrian dressage, a sport which has been developing over the past 25 years. Athletes are classified according to their level of disability and compete on a national and international level. I contracted Polio in 1955, and as a result have significant weakness in both of my legs.

My goal is simple: I plan on being the best challenged rider I can be. This means being not only a member of our proud US Para-equestrian Team, but also a respected and contributing member of the community. As a Para-equestrian competitor, I hope to become an ambassador for the disabled athlete and to the world community in the specialty of Para Dressage at the Paralympics in 2012/ England.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well, I must say my para- equestrian journey has taken a temporary detour. My boy, Pan Pan, is out enjoying the good life in the pasture at Reins...leaving me without my riding partner. I am still riding the lovely TB, Havakatz, 2x times per week. Sarah, my trainer and I agreed, however, I need more time in the saddle so I will taken on Rio, a Paint, who is currently a lesson horse. He will be a project. Lots of "forward" with definite opinions about what he wants to do! I look forward to the challenge and welcome the opportunity. Will keep you posted.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pan's Sweet Spot ....