Bio - Adria Di Maria

Allow me to introduce myself, Adria Di Maria, and the exciting world of Para-equestrian dressage, a sport which has been developing over the past 25 years. Athletes are classified according to their level of disability and compete on a national and international level. I contracted Polio in 1955, and as a result have significant weakness in both of my legs.

My goal is simple: I plan on being the best challenged rider I can be. This means being not only a member of our proud US Para-equestrian Team, but also a respected and contributing member of the community. As a Para-equestrian competitor, I hope to become an ambassador for the disabled athlete and to the world community in the specialty of Para Dressage at the Paralympics in 2012/ England.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gaits of change .com . Guess who's legs those are? Sandy Webster my friend and past trainer is starting a business and today the video crew was at Reins filming us. I did an interview about the "leading method" which Sandy developed 18 years ago and has allowed me independence with ground work. Once the horse understands the rules of the method, almost anyone can safely lead. Black and turquoise are Sandy's marketing colors we all wore black jeans,turquoise shirts and black hats. So Pan Pan is now officially a film star!

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  1. Wow - you guys are really getting some press :)